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    Watch first trailer for ‘Taken 3’ aka ‘Tak3n’

      Back in 2008, the Pierre Morel directed and Luc Besson produced (and co-written) Taken gave Liam Neeson a surprising career resurgence as an action hero. Not to mention, it was pretty awesome to say the least. Olivier Megaton’s Taken 2 in 2012 was not nearly as awesome and was just more of the same, […] More

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    ‘Lucy’ offers fake science, but real entertainment

    Let there be no doubt: the concept which powers Luc Besson’s new film Lucy, that human beings use only 10% of their brain capacity on average, is pseudoscience garbage. However, that fact ought not disqualify the film immediately. In truth, a little pseudoscience can go a long way at the movies. More

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    ‘Lucy’ is the guiltiest of pleasures

    Sometimes, despite reason and common sense, there is no escaping the kinetic charm of a truly ridiculous creation. If it’s true that we only use 10% of our brains, you’ll need to disengage 9% of it to enjoy Lucy. But what truly wondrous sights that 1% will enjoy! More

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    ‘3 Days to Kill’ is a hot mess of a movie

    It’s possible that the filmmakers aren’t even responsible for this film’s many problems: the bizarre editing reeks of studio interference. But since McG’s name is still on the film as director, and Luc Besson’s as producer, it must be said that both men have seen better days and delivered more coherent films. More

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    Trailer for ‘District B13’ remake ‘Brick Mansions’, starring Paul Walker and produced by Luc Besson

    Another year, another English language action movie from Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp company. This newest effort is notable for being the final film Paul Walker completed in full before his passing in November 2013, and also for being a remake of District B13, EuropaCorp’s 2004 French production that was also a hit overseas and spawned a […] More

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    ‘The Family’ has its moments, but is never superlative

    The famed French director Luc Besson hasn’t directed a film with a wide American release since the historic bomb The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc in 1999. In the interim he has written and/or produced a number of highly successful films including The Transporter, Taken, and District B13, and he’s directed a few French films that haven’t come across the pond, but The Family is his first attempt at directing an English-language film in almost fifteen years. More

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    ‘The Fifth Element’: Masterpiece or Mess?

    Quick question; does a flamboyantly camp and knowingly ridiculous science-fiction adventure costumed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and written by a teenager obsessed with 50’s and 60’s Belgian/French futuristic pulp comics sound like a good idea? The idea that any cynically minded executive would immediately stab his thumb in the air at the pitch of The Fifth Element is as fanciful as the bizarrely hypnotic and anachronistically beautiful world (or worlds) in which it is set. More

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    Watch the First Trailer for Luc Besson’s ‘The Family’

    Relativity Media has released the first trailer for writer/director Luc Besson’s upcoming comedic actioner The Family (formerly titled Malavita). Robert de Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer star as the two heads of a notorious mob family that has gone into witness protection in Normandy. Hit the jump to check out the trailer. The Family opens on […] More

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    TJFF 2012 Roundup: The good, the bad, and the ugly

    With the 20th Toronto Jewish Film Festival now behind us, it’s time to look back at all the films screened and determine which were the good, the bad, or the ugly. The Good OSS 117: Lost in Rio The most complimentary thing you can say about Michel Hazanavicius is something everyone acknowledged after his Oscar-winning […] More

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    TJFF 2012: ‘Off-White Lies’ is a lyrically offbeat comedy

    Off-White Lies Directed by Maya Kenig Written by Maya Kenig and Dana Diment Israel/France, 2011 As a parent, you can’t prepare the world for your children; the best you can do is prepare your children for the world. So what happens when a homeless, estranged father readopts his teenage daughter amongst the backdrop of a […] More

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