Magical Girls Meet Zombies in ‘Mahou Shoujo of the End’

When Deadman Wonderland and High School of the Dead book a room for some nocturnal adventures, Mahou Shoujo of the End comes forth. It’s post-apocalyptic story that has magical girls, or “mahou shoujo”, at the forefront instead of your typical undead bunch.

Fantasia 2015: Sion Sono’s ‘Tag’ is a lean chase film about the nature of reality

Delivering a brisk and fast-paced action comedy about the nature of reality, Sion Sono’s Tag stands out as among the best films so far this year. Sion Sono has never been a stranger to pushing boundaries – his films have consistently tackled taboo subjects through the gauze of the unreal. His most famous works operate on the tone of hysteria, as emotions and actions are amplified to create a surreal and fantastical landscape.

‘Lady Snowblood’ has enough style to supplant what it lacks in narrative flow

The 1970s ostensibly saw the rise of two variations of the revenge movie. In the United States, 1974’s Death Wish starring Charles Bronson wowed fans (and rustled other’s feathers) by depicting the story of a simple man driven to bloody vengeance after the death of his loved ones. The film is the dark and gritty interpretation many others imitators have attempted to ape since. The protagonist is not someone who, under normal circumstances, is prone to violent outrages. His descent into darkness is expedient. 1973’s Lady Snowblood

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