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    Justice League United (Canada) Launches Into the Action with Classic Sci-Fi Tropes

    Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone’s Justice League United #0 presents part one of a five-part story, making issue #1, the second comic DC has released this month, that is wrongfully billed as a first issue. It’s essentially just the second chapter of a quinary story arc. Following the “Forever Evil” crossover, Justice League United kicks off with a fresh spin and an alternative super team, set in Canada, and that includes several favourite B-list heroes, and 2 new characters never before seen. More

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    Green Arrow #27: Lemire and Sorrentino Deliver an Instant Classic

    Green Arrow #27 Writer: Jeff Lemire Art: Andrea Sorrentino Colours: Marcelo Maiolo Letters: Rob Leigh Publisher: DC Comics Purchase: Let’s pretend for a second that Jeff Lemire’s run on Green Arrow is the comic book equivalent of a ‘bullseye’. Every issue thus far has hit its mark and then some. So here we are now, […] More