Marco Ramirez

NYCC 2015: Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones Panel Recap

After frantically sprinting from the press to the general admission line and waiting in the queue hall for hours with the help of my Jewel (Jessica Jones’ old superhero identity) cosplaying friend Julia, I had the privilege of attending the Marvel Netflix panel about Daredevil Season 2 and Jessica Jones Season 1, which is set to premiere on November 20. The panel looked back at the first season of Daredevil while showing the first footage of the upcoming second season, and the lucky fans in the audience also had the chance to watch the first episode of Jessica Jones after a discussion with the cast and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter).

Da Vinci’s Demons, Ep. 1.06: “The Devil” is a friend of Vlad the Impaler

Late in its recent third season, The Walking Dead aired an episode – “Clear” – that really didn’t serve a purpose in the context of that season’s arc. The main conflict was put to the side in favor of a more removed episode, which at the very least had a chance to make the viewers more anxious to reach the climax of the season.

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