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    Twin Peaks, Ep. 1.01: “Northwest Passage” is brilliant world-building, wrapped in plastic

    In the nearly 25 years since Twin Peaks debuted on ABC, the show has achieved an almost mythic status in the canon of television. Not only has it influenced a legion of other shows, but its various elements and images have become indelible parts of pop culture. Appreciation of cherry pie and damn good coffee. A lady with a log that she treats like a beloved pet. A dwarf dancing in a room with red curtains and a zig-zag carpet. When people think of Twin Peaks, they think of its oddities, and with good reason: the surreality is so distinct that it lingers long after the details surrounding it have faded. More

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    Sound On Sight begins a journey to ‘Twin Peaks’

    Last week, the television world received a fairly earth-shattering piece of news, with the announcement that Twin Peaks would return to television in 2016 with a nine-episode limited series run on Showtime. Long hoped for and speculated about by fans, the news is about as promising as could be hoped for: All nine episodes will be written by show creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, and directed by Lynch in his first time directing for television in over two decades. In multiple interviews since the reveal, Frost has been coy about any specifics, but the general tone of the conversation is that the two feel the time is right and that they genuinely want to tell a story in this world again. More

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    ‘Twin Peaks’ set to return in 2016

    In a surprise announcement earlier today, David Lynch and Mark Frost followed up their recent tweets by confirming that Twin Peaks would indeed be returning to television. Twin Peaks is set to return on Showtime in 2016, with all nine episodes of the new series being directed by Lynch himself, Deadline reports. Dear Twitter Friends: That gum you […] More

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