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    The Definitive Movie Musicals: 10-1

    The end is here – if someone asked you what the most important movie musical of all time was, it would come from this portion of the list. Obviously, it’s all subjective, but it’s difficult to make a case against the influence of these films on our culture and the industry as a whole. So, […] More

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    Disney Blu-ray Round-up: ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

    At a couple points during one of the precious few special features on the Saving Mr. Banks Blu-ray, the people on screen, from the film’s director to family members of some of the men who worked with Walt Disney in the 1930s and 1940s, echo the following talking point: Walt Disney was not a nostalgic […] More

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    Post-Walt’s Death: The Good, The Best, and The Rest

    Walt Disney passed away December 15, 1966, and in the decade that followed, the Walt Disney Company struggled to define itself. Should the company stay beholden to Walt and his vision, asking themselves what Walt would do, or should they take the opportunity to try something new? The decades that followed Walt’s death were a […] More

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    Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 124: ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

    Wind’s in the east…mist comin’ in. Like something is brewin’ and ’bout to begin. Can’t put me finger on what lies in store, but I feel what’s to happen, all happened before. Oh, excuse us, we were just reciting one of our favorite underrated lines from Mary Poppins, the Disney musical classic that happens to be […] More

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    BFI London Film Festival 2013 – Programme Announcement

    The programme for the 57th BFI London Film Festival was recently announced, with the BFI’s Head of Cinemas and Festivals, Clare Stewart, returning for her second year with a rich and diverse group of international films and events from established and upcoming talent over a 12-day celebration of cinema. The Festival will screen 234 fiction […] More

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    Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 31: ‘Mary Poppins’

    Just as we kicked off 2012 with the first-ever full-length animated film on Mousterpiece Cinema, is there any better way to kick off the month of February with what’s possibly the most quintessential film from Walt Disney Pictures? Of course not, so with Michael Ryan taking the week off, Josh and co-host Gabe Bucsko dive […] More

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    Extended Thoughts on ‘Mary Poppins’

    Mary Poppins Directed by Robert Stevenson Written by Bill Walsh and Don DaGradi Starring Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson I think it’s a bit dangerous to call movies classics; that title can be a heavy crown for any film to wear, whether it’s your favorite or one you’ve never heard of before. Sometimes, […] More