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‘Power Up!’ #6 brings the colorful magical girl series to a close

Power Up! #6 Written by Kate Leth Illustrated by Matt Cummings Letters by Jim Campbell Published by Boom! Studios Well, all good and fun things must end. Power Up! #6 is the last issue of the series, with no announcement of a sequel or ongoing status currently. How does it stack up as a finale …

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‘Power Up’ #5 is the background we’ve been waiting for

While this issue does put out a lot of information, Power Up! #5 avoids being an exposition dump. Cummings’ art is on point as usual, outdoing himself on the character design of these intergalactic warriors, and Leth makes you feel like you’ve known them forever, despite only being introduced this issue. What it may lack in action scenes, it makes up for in great tandem work to give great character moments and the backstory everyone has been waiting for. Well, most of it. There’s still one issue left, you know…

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‘Power Up’ #4 closes in on conclusions

While Power Up! #4 doesn’t answer a whole lot of questions, it does strengthen the character interactions and the action sequences without compromising one for the other. Cummings’ art mixed with Leth’s natural and warm writing are working in tandem more as the series progresses, which makes this final homestretch even more exciting. With the monsters coming after the trio now resorting to possession, it seems like the story is about to come to a head in the final two issues as the world (and maybe Kevin’s laundry) hangs in the balance.

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‘Power Up’ #3 feels slow, but oddly warm

Between the odd pacing and quieter moments, Power Up #3 doesn’t feel like the best representation of what the comic could be capable of. There is potential there for the story to pick up further in the last three issues, but it felt slow for a story that only has three issues left. With the ending of Amie getting fired and their identities leaking onto the internet though, Power Up still has potential of picking up before it ends.

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