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    Greatest TV Pilots: Miami Vice, “Brother’s Keeper”

    Miami Vice Season 1, Episode 1: “Brother’s Keeper” (Pilot) Directed by Thomas Carter Written by Anthony Yerkovich Original air date: Sept. 16, 1984 Hey, Tubbs…ever consider a career in Southern law enforcement?” – Crockett   Miami Vice premiered on September 16, 1984 with a two-hour season premiere. The episode titled “Brother’s Keeper” garnered critical acclaim, […] More

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    Discovering Miami Vice

    I actually have a good reason for not discovering Miami Vice until just a few months ago. I wasn’t actually born when it started and I was only a year old when it ended. What I don’t have is a good excuse as to why I actually chose to dust off the series and give it a shot. I can say though, that I am more than happy I did. More