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    Watch a side by side comparison of the famous ‘Red Dragon’ scene adapted three times

    The events of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon has been adapted to the screen three different times; first in Michael Mann’s Manhunter; later in Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon; and recently in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal. Fans of the original source material will continue to argue about which is best adapted, specifically the famous scene in where Will […] More

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    VOTD: Watch a tribute to the films of Michael Mann

    Michael Mann sure has a knack for digital cinematography, dark cityscapes, slow motion pans and leaps, and even sunglasses. Across the filmmaker’s 13 films, he’s had some serious highs and some serious lows. But this latest video tribute is in love with all of them. Alexandre Gasulla takes us through The Jericho Mile to his […] More

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    ‘Thief’ is Michael Mann’s coming out party, boosted by the magnetic James Caan

    Minor quibbles aside, there is little doubt that Thief remains one of the director’s more accomplished and assured projects. It serves as an indicator of the material that speaks to him, material he would borrow from a few more times in the following decades and boasts a raw, subtly layered performance from the iconic James Caan. Whether it represents Mann’s best work or not, it certainly is neo-noir done right. More

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    The Obsessive World of Michael Mann

    Michael Mann is fascinated by obsessives who work on opposite sides of the law. In fact, when you go over his filmography, it’s filled with them: loners who are hardened by choice and keep others at a constant arm’s-length, indulging in their skills instead. Starting in 1981, Mann made his first feature, Thief, about a […] More

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    ‘Blackhat’ is a cyber-thriller that makes Solitaire look exciting

    Blackhat is a cyber-thriller that starts out boring and ends dumb. It’s almost unimaginable that a gifted director like Michael Mann, responsible for, arguably, the best crime-thriller of the last 30 years in Heat, could helm a film so utterly bereft of tension or drama. Not even his signature hyper-stylized aesthetic can disguise what a lackluster film this is. From the unimaginative script to the indifferent editing, Blackhat needs a complete overhaul to escape the basement of Mann’s distinguished filmography. More

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    The Definitive Kubrickian Films: 40-31

    As we spend a month looking at the great Stanley Kubrick, we can also look at the filmmakers who were clearly influenced by Kubrick. “Kubrickian” films tend to exercise incredible control of the camera, are extremely ambitious, tend to deal with much weightier themes, and always maintain a sense of mystery, like a there’s an […] More

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    Video: Cinematographer Dante Spinotti on Shooting Michael Mann’s ‘Manhunter’

    In 1986, Mann was the first to bring Thomas Harris’s character of Hannibal Lecter to the screen with Manhunter, and his adaptation of the novel Red Dragon, is a disturbing examination of voyeurism. Writer/director Michael Mann’s measured approach pays off in spades. Manhunter is a clever race-against-time flick, in which the ticking of the clock […] More

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    The Televerse #101- Crime Story with Paul Goebel

    It’s the calm before the Breaking Bad storm this week on the podcast, with a surprisingly manageable list of TV shows. First we talk comedy, including the Make Kate Watch Stuff poll winner, Hulu’s Moone Boy, and the finale of Gravity Falls, then we look at a little reality, and we finish with the dramas, […] More

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