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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Why You Should Start Watching: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The primary strength of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has grown to be the characters and the relationships they have with each other, making this a very easy series to jump into mid-stream. The characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine are a very diverse group, both demographically and personality-wise, with a group of talented performers and writers at the helm ensuring that there’s at least one character that each viewer will find hilarious and identify with.

How Parks and Recreation Gave Chris Pratt the Platform to be a Star

The notion that a relatively low-performing sitcom airing on broadcast television could have within its stable of stars two MCU superheroes (Ant-Man, coming this summer) is relatively ridiculous, even given that one of those stars is Paul Rudd. But Chris Pratt has spent seven seasons on Parks and Rec showing time and again why he has the charisma to help turn a no-name team-up of comic book weirdos into one of the highest grossing movies of 2014.

How Leslie Knope Made Me a Better Person

This week, Parks and Recreation, created by Michael Schur and Greg Daniels, will finish its seven-season, 125-episode run. With that conclusion not only comes the end of one of television’s most rewarding series in the past decade, but the end of its main character’s long, memorable arc.

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