Missy Peregrym

Television that Home Video Forgot: Reaper (2007)

Reaper has the kind of premise that could’ve gone on for much longer than it was given. Ideally it would’ve been the M*A*S*H of supernatural shows with Ray Wise as the Hawkeye constant, where after a cycle they could get a new group for the Devil to play with. Unfortunately, the show got the axe before it could even properly close out the Sam era. Hopefully, Fazekas & Butters will be able to get enough pull to someday revive the show again and bring closure to the story they began with Sam and the Devil. There is a chance that this could happen now more than ever before, being that there has been a recent trend of TV show revivals surfacing as of late. As it is, Reaper is still a really entertaining show that is quality and warrants a place in your collection.

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