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    Sundance 2013: ‘Austenland’ uproariously revels in the romance of obsession

    Austenland Directed by Jerusha Hess Written by Jerusha Hess 2013, USA From the co-writer of Napoleon Dynamite, Gentlemen Broncos and Nacho Libre comes another venture into the bizarre. Don’t dismiss this project because Jerusha Hess collaborated with Twilight writer and fellow Mormon Stephanie Meyer. Yes, this is a romance, but there are no traces of […] More

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    TV Favourites from 2012

    With new seasons of existing shows to get me through the year, this list was a hard one to devise. 10. FOX’s Napoleon Dynamite Following the 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite the series follows the adventures of Dynamite and his family and friends. With Simpsons/Parks and Rec producer Mike Scully as executive producer, the franchise has […] More

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    ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Animated Series Teaser

    Remember that little film that could? Were you craving for further adventures in Preston, Idaho with the Napoleon Dynamite gang and perhaps wishfully thinking there could be a sequel any day now? Your prayers are answered (sort of)! In 2010 it was announced that an animated series spinoff of the film was in the works […] More

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    Video of the Day: 15 Years of Fox Searchlight

    Established in 1994, Fox Searchlight has released many memorable films that have stuck with movie goers for over the past 15 years. Specializing in independent and British films, along with dabbling in horror, dramedies, and a few foreign films, Fox Searchlight has brought us some of the most personable characters and inspiring moments in cinematic […] More


    Opening credits: are they witty, colourful, innovative, or just the cinematic equivalent of wallpaper? A barrage of production company logos is all very well, but there’s something about a clever combination of words, images – animated or photographic – and music, all condensed into a few minutes of screen time, that heightens your sense of […] More