Nelsan Ellis

True Blood, Lost Cause, HBO, Lafayette, James

True Blood, Ep. 7.05, “Lost Cause” halts the action for bittersweet character moments

One of the best things this season of True Blood has done is balance the action with retrospective character moments–the past two weeks have featured plenty of bloodshed, so “Lost Cause” fittingly focuses solely on the residents of Bon Temps, human and supernatural alike. The result is an episode that isn’t particularly thrilling but is still satisfying on a deeply emotional level.

True Blood, Fire in the Hole, Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Paquin

True Blood, Ep. 7.03, “Fire in the Hole”: “I’m sorry, y’all, but I belong here”

From the very beginning of the show’s pilot, True Blood has done its best to explore the idea of belonging and fitting into a world that doesn’t want or accept you. Sure, the show originally used vampires as a metaphor for LGBT rights, but, with the final season, the struggle to belong is much more rooted in the show’s supernatural and small-town environment.

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