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The Definitive Kubrickian Films: 40-31

As we spend a month looking at the great Stanley Kubrick, we can also look at the filmmakers who were clearly influenced by Kubrick. “Kubrickian” films tend to exercise incredible control of the camera, are extremely ambitious, tend to deal with much weightier themes, and always maintain a sense of mystery, like a there’s an …

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Best Films of 2010 – Part 2

#20 – Valhalla Rising Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn Nicolas Winding Refn, who made the underrated Bronson in England and the striking Pusher series in Denmark creates a brutal, yet thoughtful, re-envisioning of the Viking saga. This Malick/Jodorowsky hybrid is one of the best looking films in recent memory. Its breathtaking digital photography across the …

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Best Movie Scores of 2010

Scores are different then soundtracks for obvious reasons but mostly because it is a personal compilation of instrumental music built around a movie. There is no past with the songs, just present and just designed for that movie. This year was apparently the year for famous musicians, very accomplished musicians in their own right, to …

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