Nick Nolte

Sundance 2015: ‘A Walk in the Woods’ will have you running for the exits

A Walk in the Woods is like a nice, warm blanket. One with a plaid pattern that’s been sitting in your granny’s attic so long it smells like a mixture of mold and “old person” because she only takes it out when the grandkids come over to visit every summer during the State Fair and it’s too hot to use a blanket because she never bothered to get air conditioning after the old box unit overheated and melted down that one wall outlet …

Gracepoint, Ep. 1.06, “Episode Six” movingly explores the suspects

As much as Gracepoint is about the mystery of who killed Danny Solano, it is also about the deadly paranoia that can infect a small town. “Episode Five” found Carver (David Tennant) and Ellie (Anna Gunn) stumbling upon more secrets and realizing that Jack (Nick Nolte) may very well be their most viable suspect.

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