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‘The Fix’ #1 questions the gap between police and thieves

The Fix is an easy sell without any need of a blurb of plot, characters, or even preview art pages. If you have read and loved the slick humour embedded within the brilliantly hilarious Superior Foes of Spider-Man, seeing Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber working on the same book again should be enough to warrant a buy.

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‘Captain America: Sam Wilson’ #7 honors all the shield wielding heroes

Sam Wilson Captain America #7 doesn’t do much with its title character, but there is a great moment where Steve admits that he respects and trusts Sam despite having differences over what he should do as Captain America as Crossbones beats him up. It’s mostly Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna’s tribute to the character of Steve Rogers while simultaneously a game changing moment in the “Avengers Standoff” crossover, but a few confusing moments aside, it’s worth picking up to see Steve Rogers written well and heroically even if you haven’t kept up with the “Standoff” storyline. And this exploration of Captain America’s qualities of courage, standing up for the little guy, and genuine care for the friends he made over the years extends to the backup stories of which the Whedon/Cassaday one is the highlight as they lay out the heart and soul of the character in nine fluid pages.

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Cap-Wolf Cometh in ‘Sam Wilson: Captain America’ #3

In the more “out-there” issue of the Sam Wilson run, the entire team both on writing and art supply us with a horror-comedy issue that boosts the plot forward, gives us a modern take on an old-school Captain America tale, and a double dose of Nick Spencer’s brand of kooky comedy.

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‘Sam Wilson: Captain America’ #2- Flight Aftermath

As a African-American hero, Sam deals with the history of protests and hardships everyday people of color are subjugated to but, given his newly filled role he sees things the same just at a elevated peak. While Steve can more or less sit back with his “blind faith” and put his all in how he thinks the nation will handle things, Sam has a more nuanced view of American politics. It’s a great ending with a more cheerful and hopeful final page from Acuña. Sam Wilson is quickly expanding his own corner of the Marvel universe that Spencer and Acuña are carving out. Sam Wilson: Captain America is the Marvel title that deserves to be read, it’s telling the story that people need right now. It’s political driven, modern, and has art that will make you want to hang each page as a series of paintings.

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‘Captain America’ #1 shows what makes Sam Wilson fly

The Star-Spangled Avengers is back. Sam Wilson is flying higher (in coach seats!) and making bold statements about who exactly is defending the USA and the World at large in the process. Nick Spencer of Morning Glories, and more recently, Ant-Man, fame does wonders for Sam Wilson and company in the re-debut issue for the “all-new” Captain America.

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Scott Lang shrinks down in ‘Ant-Man’ #1

If there’s anything that can be said on Marvel Comic’s recent approach to the character of Ant-Man, it’s that it’s awkward. Despite being a founding member of the Avengers, Ant-Man has never been a big enough draw to support a long term solo series. Because of this, he’s often overlooked (in any incarnation) and lives mostly in the shadow of his Avengers or other super science teammates. He isn’t a high profile member of any section of the Marvel Universe as say Thor comes packaged with Asgardian adventures, Captain America is bundled with all sorts of political espionage and World War II pulp action, or Iron Man being part of the super science scene. This public perception really sunk in when he was absent from the lineup of the massively popular Avengers film. Even now, it seems Marvel’s awkwardly looking at its feet and trying to make up for whatever small complaints there were that Hank Pym wasn’t yet part of the Cinematic Universe. While the same studio will pump money into making non-comic fans excited for characters completely alien to them with Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s a complete lack of zest when trying to market an Ant-Man movie.

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To Better Know A Villain: Boomerang, Lovable Loser

Real Name Fred Myers First Appearance Tales to Astonish #81 (1966) Nicknames and Aliases Boomer, Fred Slade, Outback Powers and Abilities A former Major League Baseball pitcher, Boomerang is able to throw various projectiles with great accuracy rivaled only by characters like Hawkeye and Bullseye. He is in good physical shape from his playing days and …

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Bedlam is the most promising new series of the year.

“Bedlam”  Volume One, Issue #1-6
 Written by Nick Spencer Art by Riley Rossmo Published by Image Comics Image has made quite a name for themselves within the past few years, especially with the exploding popularity of their flagship series, “The Walking Dead”. However, there those few gems that sometimes are pushed by the wayside and …

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