Noah Bean


Greatest TV Pilots: Damages

“Get Me a Lawyer”, the pilot of the show Damages, announces the show’s presence with a roar, delivering a crisply paced episode whose twists and turns do not come at the expense of character growth.

Nikita, Ep 3.22: “Til Death Do Us Part” closes out the season with an unexpected death and a major demolition

Despite Division having more resources all season, Amanda was a looming threat on all the organisation’s major players, and remained so no matter how few allies and operations she had. Her alignment with The Shop thus spelled very bad news for Nikita and co., news that came to a head last week with the reveal that Michael’s new hand had come with another caveat, putting Nikita between a rock and a hard place; kill the US President, or watch her own partner die a brutal death. The season finale explores the outcome of that choice, providing some genuine twists, and bringing closure to a major part of Nikita.

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