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Television that Home Video Forgot: My Generation (2010)

This week commemorates five years since the premiere of My Generation, and although it got poor ratings and was canceled it does not mean it was a bad show. It’s almost always a shame when a network is unable to commit to their programming schedule and it’s only more disappointing when the show is one of quality that was just unable to find its audience in time. There’s no use in trying to elucidate as to why the show was canceled, it’s perhaps more suitable to appraise the show for what was produced, as little as there was. With its very short run and minimal critical recognition, it’s likely this show has been obscured by time, and with every year that goes by it goes unnoticed. This should not be the case as for those who watched it could see that it was a show that had interesting stories to tell, and stimulating ways to tell them using the documentary style device to enhance the myth-making of the characters and the world around them.

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