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‘American Hustle’: A Nostalgic Look Back

The past is complicated. It only exists in memory, and, while the truth of what occurred is fixed, these facts can be changed and warped simply because of perspective into what we know as memories. Nostalgia undoubtedly comes out of these warped views. It refers to a sense many have that times gone by were …

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The Nostalgia Files: ‘Hook’ (1991)

Hook Written by James V. Hart, Nick Castle, Malia Scotch Marmo, and J. M. Barrie Directed by Steven Spielberg USA, 1991 Steven Spielberg is known the world over for creating genuine movie magic. From his blockbuster splash Jaws in 1975 up until his 2012 biopic Lincoln, Spielberg is certainly a gifted filmmaker. Very few auteurs are …

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Games That Changed Everything: ‘Super Metroid’

It is something of a crime that the Metroid series has long been akin to the forgotten middle child of Nintendo’s family, the one that is oft ignored in favor of its too more prolific and popular siblings: Mario and Zelda. With several top tier games under its belt, and the many iconic moments it’s contributed to the gaming world, the Metroid series is more than deserving of its due among the Nintendo Big 3.

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