Olivia Cooke

Sundance 2015: ‘Me & Earl & the Dying Girl’ an emotional, honest and hilarious experience

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s Me & Earl & the Dying Girl is a film that has perhaps garnered the most hype this year at Sundance, and you should believe every word of it. By the end of the screening, there was hardly a dry eye in the entire theater. Following a teenage outsider, Greg (Thomas Mann), who makes cheap and funny remakes of classic films with his friend Earl (RJ Cyler), as he befriends a classmate, Rachel (Olivia Cooke), who has just developed leukemia. With a logline like that, it’s hard to not understand where all the tears are coming from. It sometimes feels cheap for filmmakers to use cancer as a way to garner emotion from the audience, but trust that when the tears do come, every single one has been earned.

Bates Motel, Ep. 2.04: “Check-Out” delves further into the Bates history

The family bonds in “Check-Out” are very much at the forefront, and while it still feels like the stories that Norman is being given are not all that interesting compared to some of the other things going on in Bates Motel, this episode at least challenges his mental state more than any other before.

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