Over the Garden Wall

‘Over The Garden Wall’ #2: Horsing Around

Most of issue #2 of Over The Garden Wall tells the story of Fred the Horse. Fred appears mostly out of nowhere, much like many characters and events. Characters from the television show are re-introduced (Uncle Endicott at the end of the issue) as well as The Highwayman, who, if recalled correctly, played a very minor role in one episode of the show. This kind of call back is especially satisfying for those familiar with the show but doesn’t bog down a casual reader with too much exposition.

‘Over The Garden Wall’ #1: Mysteriously Tame

After the success of the Over The Garden Wall television mini series it’s fantastic to see Pat McHale come back to the world he created. Over The Garden Wall #1 opens up innocuously enough as Wirt, Greg and Beatrice are looking to hitch a ride and get off their feet for a while. Wirt, as usual, misses the chance to get the ride and Beatrice gives him a lot of grief for this. Wirt, feeling bad about his lack of confidence, decides to walk on down the road. The world in Over The Garden Wall is chocked full of so many extremely colorful characters it’s easy to get excited over this simple decision.

The Best TV Episodes of 2014, Part 5

After four seasons of deliberately paced, character-based storytelling, Boardwalk Empire wasn’t going to change its approach in its final truncated season. Instead of introducing new intrigues or foes, the series used much of its time to reflect on the paths that brought Nucky and the other main characters to this point and to say an extended goodbye to the people and world of the show.

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