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  • Breaking Bad S05E14 promo pic, "Ozymandias"

    Breaking Bad Recap and Reaction: S05E14, “Ozymandias”: Breakfast will not fix this

    Holy. Crap. We thought last week’s episode was intense, but “Ozymandias” takes us gently by the hand, pats us on the back, and patiently gives a masterclass in intensity. *Deep breath* On to the recap. After last week’s climactic final moments, and given the season’s habit of opening with unrelated scenes, it’s not surprising when […] More

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    For the Greater Good: Ozymandias

    It has been said before, and it will be said for decades to come, but if there is ever is a comic that someone needs to read, it has to be Watchmen. The characters and story interweave in this beautiful opera of personal struggle for redemption, freedom and peace. All of this culminates with the character of […] More