Paul Walker

‘Furious 7’ delivers your over-the-top action fix

Big action, gravity-defying car shenanigans, and unstoppable macho energy make for a ridiculously fun ride. Yes, some sloppy editing bogs down director James Wan’s more-is-more finale, but that’s only in comparison to the other set pieces, which are damn near flawless. Fans of the action genre will want to catch this one early and often.

‘Hours’ is an occasionally effective final film for Paul Walker

One of the most impressive things about the career of the late Paul Walker is that once the Fast/Furious money started arriving in earnest after the fourth entry in that series, he was a strong supporter of independent film. His final completed film ‘Hours’ works better as a character study than as a thriller, but deserves commendation for its ambition.

‘Fast & Furious 6’ is ridiculous enough to be fun despite being overlong

The cars are fast, as they always are, and the people are equally furious. In fact, they’re faster and furious-er now than they were before, but then, you already knew that. Be honest: if you’re reading this review, you do not need to be convinced or cajoled to hoof it to the theater to see Fast & Furious 6. You also don’t need encouragement to feel as if you, too, are like Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner, or their brothers- and sisters-in-wheels on the way home, pretending your Hyundai Sonata or beat-up pickup truck is a tricked-out muscle car.

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