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    ‘Person of Interest’ Season 4 deftly balances global and local stories

    Over the course of Season 4’s first six episodes, Person of Interest has renewed its focus on crime in the city, while not losing sight of Samaritan and the problems facing the team, and the world, from its position of power. The welcome return of old characters and the emergence of compelling new ones has proven that the show hasn’t lost its touch. More

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    The Quiet Visual Innovation of Person of Interest

    One of the hallmarks of the modern era of television is an increased critical focus on the visual aspect of the medium. For years, when a film critic said a movie “looked like television,” they meant it as an insult. That statement implied that the film in question was shot in an entirely functional fashion, […] More

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    Person of Interest Ep. 3.21 “Beta” is cliched but narratively necessary

    In every story, there are certain necessary contrivances that, while you wish could be side-stepped, the narrative simply needs to enact. In Lost, for example, the survivors need to leave the Island to realize that they belong there. Even though its eye-roll inducing, it’s a direction the story needs to take and is allowed that. The same can be said of “Beta”. More

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    Person of Interest Ep. 3.18: “Allegiance” sadly reliant on procedural format

    Person of Interest falls into many of the same traps that shows of its ilk often do. Their week-to-week mysteries, full of twists and turns that are meant to surprise and trick viewers before resolving at each episode’s end, inevitably become a weakness, taking away from the series’ many other elements, those that they do so very well. The difference between Person of Interest and other procedurals is that this show is going for who-gonna-do-it instead of the tired whodunit. Perhaps the formula would be more successful if the mystery were whether the weekly number is going to kill someone or be killed, but more often than not, it’s straightforward, with little more for our leads to determine than who the wants to kill the number. More

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    Person of Interest, Ep. 3.17, “/”: Welcome to the Root of Interest

    No one could have predicted in Person of Interest’s freshman season that, beyond the two leads, Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson), the show would develop truly fascinating and dynamic side characters. It’s odd to even call someone like Root (Amy Acker) a secondary character when she feels so paramount to the show, especially in episodes like “/”, where she is essentially the main focus. Root is so delightfully crazy, however, that the switch in main characters this week is entirely welcomed and nearly makes the audience forget that she isn’t usually the lead. More

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    Person of Interest, Ep. 3.15, “Last Call” suffers from a melodramatic villain

    Some episodes can have all of the elements that should make a perfectly effective hour of television, and would for most TV shows, but for whatever completely subjective reason, they don’t seem to work nearly as much as they should. In the case of “Last Call”, the pieces should theoretically work and yet, perhaps due to how they come together throughout the episode, the episode just doesn’t work, plain and simple. More

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    Person of Interest Ep. 3.14: “Provenance” gets its heist on

    There are times in life when you’re forced to do something not because you want to, but because you have no choice but to do it. Who among us hasn’t taken a crappy job for the sole reason that you won’t rent otherwise? In a perfect world we do the work we want and love with a big salary attached and life is good. The real world is far more cruel that, however, and sometimes you just suffer through that bad job. Hopefully it’s never to the point of this week’s number, Kelli Lin (Elaine Tan), who is extorted into stealing art by criminals that have her daughter. More

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