‘Kings Quest’ #1 is a fun update of old school pulp heroes

In, Kings Quest #1, writers Ben Acker and Heath Corson craft a relatable POV character in the “other Phantom” Karen, keep a winking sense of humor throughout the story, and let Dan McDaid and Omi Remalante draw and color plenty of punching, kicking, sword slicing, and mysticism from the various members of Team Supreme. It’s a fun introduction to these classic characters for the summer superhero blockbuster generation. (Which includes me.)

New on Video: ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, as much as it now stands as a cinematic phenomenon and as one of the most astonishing visual releases of the silent era, was, nevertheless, something of an enigma even in its own time.

New on Video – ‘Sunrise’

‘Sunrise,’ from 1927, is one of the greatest of all films. It is a touching, beautiful, and artistically accomplished movie, one of the best ever made, and unlike anything to come out of the studio system.’

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