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    New X-Men “E is for Extinction” Changes Everything for Marvel’s Mutants

    New X-Men #114-116 Writer: Grant Morrison Penciller: Frank Quitely Inker: Tim Townsend (114-115), Mark Morales (115-116), Dan Green (116) Colorist: Brian Haberlin (114-115), Hi-Fi (115-116) Publisher: Marvel Comics In 2001, the X-Men were both everywhere and nowhere. Bryan Singer’s X-Men film had been released the previous year and was a commercial and critical success. It showed that superhero films […] More

  • James McAvoy Mentors The X-Men?

    Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class is approaching ever so quickly and they have found their Professor X. The guys at /Film have word that James McAvoy (Atonement and Wanted) has been casted for the role as Professor Charles Xavier to mentor the first generation of X-Men. McAvoy is a decent actor, but I can’t see […] More