Reg E Cathey

Banshee, Ep. 2.09: “Homecoming” sets up the season two endgame

Penultimate episodes in a season of television usually suffer from over-reliance on exposition, because that’s just how they function. It’s something totally excusable, because these episodes are meant to build up to the big bang of the finale, which – if any show on TV right now could pull off – Banshee should be able to deliver with an exclamation.

Grimm Episode 2.21 “The Waking Dead”: Don’t let your womb be a tomb

This week Grimm gets in on the zombie action, but as usual isn’t shy about acknowledging its sources, hence the slightly cheeky title. But hey, why should Georgia get all the undead? As the US’s northern representative of all things weird (as shown by my map), it only seems fair that Portland should get a chance to play host to some resurrected bodies. And let’s be practical, they’ll keep better in a cool climate.

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