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    ‘Nightcrawler’ is a creepy and enigmatic thriller

    Dan Gilroy’s latest, Nightcrawler, has a lot on its troubled mind. It intertwines our national obsessions with voyeurism and stardom into a sociopathic nightmare from which you can’t awaken. At its churning center is the mesmerizing performance of Jake Gyllenhaal, who charms you with his infectious intensity, even as he ruthlessly manipulates everyone and everything around him. As the blood flows and the crimes accumulate, Gilroy traps us behind the camera as his passive accomplices. Welcome to the world of the Nightcrawler. Showering after you leave is highly recommended. More

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    Fantastic Fest 2014: ‘Nightcrawler’ is undone by a clumsy approach to satire

    Nightcrawler, the directorial debut of screenwriter Dan Gilroy, has a strong kinship with Sidney Lumet’s Network. Both take a satirical view of broadcast journalism, portraying the profession as a cold-blooded environment where sensationalism takes center stage. If there is one difference that separates the newer film from its 1976 predecessor, though, it is that the former possesses none of the latter’s biting wit. Nightcrawler is incredibly heavy-handed with its message, and the satirical dialogue is far from profound. More

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    ‘Nightcrawler’, with Jake Gyllenhaal, gets a new trailer

    While actor Jake Gyllenhaal has headlined blockbusters such as The Day After Tomorrow and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, his filmography also includes fare such as Zodiac, Brothers, and Brokeback Mountain. His newest feature, titled Nightcrawler, appears to promise further diversity in his movie selection, as it sees Gyllenhaal take on the role […] More