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The Failure Chronicles Vol. 1: ‘Bit.Trip.Runner’ and The Odyssey

As a hardcore gamer, I obviously have a pretty high opinion of myself when it comes to the realm of gaming. I have masochistically forced myself through many a brutally difficult adventure, and have tediously pursued dozens of irrelevant trophies and achievements for my various digital showcases. I have overcome the infamous Land of the Livid Dead in Rayman Origins, taken on Ornstein and Smough without assistance in Dark Souls, and toppled every optional boss in every Final Fantasy game known to man, and yet, there are still games that can crush me without fail, despite my ego and aptitude for the hobby. Bit.Trip.Runner is one such game.

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‘AudioSurf’ builds a unique musical ride

Music has the power to make you move, to inspire great works, and to touch your soul. But as the year draws to a close, Christmas music prepares to blast our eardrums for what seems like an eternity, music becomes the enemy (I love Christmas, but can we at least wait till Thanksgiving is over before we deck the halls?). Before we all stuff our ears with cotton, let’s reflect on a game that really brought music to life in the distant year of 2008.

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