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The Tomorrow People S1E3

The Tomorrow People, Ep.1.03: “Girl, Interrupted” better but still not good

While still riddled with more holes than a strainer, this week’s episode of the CW’s The Tomorrow People is marginally better than both the previous one and the pilot. Which isn’t saying much, but at least there’s been some improvement. This week in the misadventures of Stephen and his merry band of Tomorrow People we discover Cara’s dislike for humanity, continue to watch Stephen play the most unconvincing double agent known to mankind and then screw up because of Cara’s telepathic instability, come face to face with the Tomorrow People’s wildly hypocritical disregard for human life, and are baffled at their inability to spot a trap from a mile away.

The Tomorrow People S1E2

The Tomorrow People, Ep.1.02: “In Too Deep” worse than “Pilot”

This week’s episode is as void of both plot and character development as the pilot was, and it’s evident that this show is headed nowhere fast. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t. The episode consists of pointless exchanges of information concerning the evil schemes of Ultra, completely irrelevant arguments about Stephen’s ability to take his medication, Stephen in “danger”, confirmation that Stephen’s “the One”, and the setting up of a doomed-to-fail double agent plotline that would even exhaust 007. An exciting episode in that “bad writing for television” kind of way.

Tomorrow People S.1 E.2

The Tomorrow People, Ep. 1.01: “Pilot” an anticlimactic waste of time

After a summer dedicated to hyping up the launch of the CW’s series The Tomorrow People, we can safely say it wasn’t really worth the wait. While not a complete waste of time, the show feels less like an original idea and more a rehashing of Marvel’s X-Men franchise, only this time released for television audiences. The premise of the show, in case you somehow missed the adverts all through the summer months, is centred around a group of genetically advanced people who only want to coexist secretly with humans, while trying to avoid imprisonment by a highly secretive agency hell-bent on their destruction.

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