Robert Lowery

‘Sensation Hunters’ is a memorable, quirky morality tale

Director Christy Cabanne offers up a quirky little morality tale that shows one person’s descent into depression and self-doubt after a brief but blissful affair with a tall dark stranger. The role reversal between the femme fatale and her victim, in this case it being an homme fatal and his victim, is appreciative and makes for a different dynamic than is usually the case.

‘They Made Me a Killer’ starts sharply, ends up as a dull blade

Among the many goals They Made Me a Killer strives for, there is one in particular that director William C. Thomas and the squad of screenwriters get in spades. It concerns the protagonist Tom Durling, played sternly and with little flare by Robert Lowery), and is revealed at around the midway point of the picture.

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