Robert Wise

‘The Set-Up’ stands tall in both Robert Ryan’s and Robert Wise’s oeuvres

Director Wise was, in many ways, the Steven Soderbergh of his day. He could navigate virtually any film genre and produce a terrific final movie, one that understands the nooks and crannies of said genre’s tropes whilst clearly putting incredibly artistic stamps on them. Drama, crime thriller, sport (as in the case of the present film), science fiction, action, he could do it all, and do it with panache, deft and sensitivity.

Alien Invasion Month: ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ is an excellent blunt instrument

Whether rightly or wrongly, Man has been declared has the superior being on planet Earth. For the scope of their cognitive skills, their ability to emote in countless ways, the complexity of their intellect, such factors have led humans to dominate, so to speak, other forms of life as well as organize itself in vast, regimented societies with hundreds of customs and rules.

100 + Greatest Horror Movies (pt.4) 75-51

Throughout the month of October, Editor-in-Chief and resident Horror expert Ricky D, will be posting a list of his favorite Horror films of all time. The list will be posted in six parts. Click here to see every entry.

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