Rosemary’s Baby

New on Video: ‘Macbeth’

This is a somber, sorrowful, generally faithful, and visually satisfying version of one of Shakespeare’s most cinematic works

New on Video: ‘Tess’

The imagery of “Tess” is what strikes first and leaves the greatest impression, and it was undoubtedly with this in mind that Criterion pulled out all the stops with this release.

Mad Men, Ep. 6.08, “The Crash”: “You Have to Feel It”

There have been some excellent episodes of Mad Men this season. “The Flood,” “Man with a Plan,” and especially “For Immediate Release” have all been varying degrees of great, but “The Crash” is the first episode to leave me dumbstruck with awe the way so many season five episodes did. It’s an episode in which every scene seems precisely crafted to achieve an effect. What is that effect?

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