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    ‘Pickup on South Street’ sees Cold War tensions put the ‘heat’ on the criminal underbelly

    In the aftermath of the Second World War, the major international powers and their smaller, less imposing friends aligned themselves along two extremely divisive ideological lines: the Western pro-capitalists and the Eastern Bloc, the latter driven by a bastardized version of communism. The present column shan’t delve into lessons of political or economic history of the mid-twentieth century, save to mention the above detail and tie it into film noir. More

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    Comics Book Artists Reimagine Criterion DVD Covers

    The Criterion Collection is known as the most prestigious video-distribution company, releasing “important classic and contemporary films” to cinema aficionados. Created in 1984 by Janus Films and the Voyager Company, The Criterion Collection now has 562 titles under it’s belt. This week The company is releasing new versions of Samuel Fuller’s The Naked Kiss and […] More

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    ‘Shock Corridor’ & ‘The Brood’

    On the first Wednesday of every month, an event in Montreal called “Grindhouse Wednesdays” screens exploitation films the way they should be seen – at midnight and in a gritty, grimy and legendary porn theatre called Cinema L’Amour. “Grindhouse Wednesdays” which has already featured such legendary cult films such as Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Cannibal […] More