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    What if Sidney Lumet had directed Death Wish?

    According to writer Brian Garfield, Sidney Lumet was set to direct the film with Jack Lemmon playing Paul Kersey (presumably to be more in line with the “everyman” character in the book) and Henry Fonda as the police chief. What if Sidney Lumet had directed Death Wish?… The Result: Sidney Lumet would never have chosen […] More

  • Top Ten Cop Movies

    Authors note: Okay, let me just a minute to explain about my relationship with cop movies. I love them! As an ex-actor my ideal role would be that of some down on his luck, hardboiled cop! The very first feature length script I completed was a cop thriller! I did my very best at channeling […] More

  • Top Ten Films that take place in New York

    10. I AM LEGEND (2007) A desolate New York shelters Robert Neville (Will Smith) as the last survivor after the destruction and spread of a man made virus that destroys humanity. The setup is pure sci-fi fare. Neville, immune to the virus, roams the land in search of survivors, but comes across mutants of the […] More