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    Advance Review: ‘Sex Criminals’ #11 has humor and hijinks galore

    Sex Criminals #11 brings something old, something new, and definitely won’t leave long time Brimpers with comic book blue balls. Chip Zdarsky continues to be the master of visual innuendo and also gets to show off his sensitive side in some intimate moments (Read: sex scenes.) between the main characters while Fraction’s dialogue continues to be filthy and insightful as ever. And stay after the letters page for a special post-credits scene. (Wait, I thought Matt Fraction was done writing for Marvel.) More

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    Startling exposé ‘The Hunting Ground’ illuminates campus sex crimes

    “Sexual assault has always been a part of the college experience,” laments a university administrator in Kirby Dick’s troubling documentary, The Hunting Ground. Unfortunately, this grim pronouncement is borne out by the statistics, which state that 20% of all female students will be assaulted during their college tenure. Through powerful interviews and a barrage of sobering data, Kirby exposes the epidemic of sexual abuse on campus, as well as the systemic efforts to cover it up. It’s a harrowing story about survivors reclaiming their sense of empowerment, both psychologically and legally. More

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    10 Best Comics of 2014

    2014 was an incredibly rewarding year to be a comics reader. Veteran creators, like Grant Morrison, Kurt Busiek, and Matt Wagner continued to churn out some of the best work of their career while new creators, like Noelle Stevenson, Babs Tarr, and Tula Lotay had very strong starts. Marvel and DC published their fair share of events, including Original Sin, […] More

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    Sex Criminals #5 Ends Its First Storyline on a Strong, Hilarious Note

    Sex Criminals #5 Writer: Matt Fraction Artist: Chip Zdarsky Publisher: Image Comics Sex Criminals #5 deals with the problem of the Sex Police raised last issue and brings Jon and Suzie’s shenanigans to a satisfying end. Chip Zdarsky continues to build the world of the Quiet and have more fun background gags while Matt Fraction uncovers a secret about Jon and […] More

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    Sex Criminals #4 Has a Great Blend of Humor, Interesting Characters, and Trippy Art

    Sex Criminals #4 Writer: Matt Fraction Artist: Chip Zdarsky Publisher: Image Comics With the “origin” stories of the main characters Jon and Suzie out of the way, Sex Criminals #4 inches closer to the end of its story arc while fleshing out Jon and Suzie’s motivations for robbing the bank in the first issue and looks at an important moment from her […] More

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    This Week in Comics: 08/01/14

    Week after week, the shelves of local comic book stores nationwide are packed to brim with shiny new comics. Sure you’re a smart cookie and probably have tonnes of grabs already but many books do go unnoticed and its my job to make sure you are getting your moneys worth. I could ramble on for […] More

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    Hey You Geeks!! Podcast #15: Goodbye 2013

    Happy New Year Geeks! In episode 15 of the Hey You Geeks podcast we look back at the year that was 2013. We’re tracing back the best and worst comic book films, falling on opposite sides of the Man Of Steel debate. We’re determining which film is the biggest disappointment of the year and which […] More