Sharlto Copley

‘Chappie’ is gloriously bonkers

Writer-director Neill Blomkamp pushes all his chips onto the table with this fascinating sci-fi gamble that dares you not to be entertained. Derivative, ultra-violent, and completely baffling, Chappie also manages to be insightful and sweet at times. This technically-accomplished and thematically-suspect ­­­­­­robot melodrama has something for everyone to love (and hate). Mostly, it offers the giddy exhilaration of a movie that’s determined to tell its story, no matter how bat-shit crazy it is.

Toronto After Dark Pre-Festival Spotlight: ‘Europa Report’

The world’s collective attitude and passion towards deep space exploration has petered out in the last few decades, and nobody, it seems, is more peeved about this than the makers of Europa Report. With grandiose talk of profound discoveries and changing the context in which humanity perceives itself, the sci-fi found footage film clearly has a polemic in mind, but what it has to say, and how Europa Report says it, sometimes makes for a messy story.

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