Shawn Ryan

Mad Dogs, Ep. 1.01: “Pilot” shows promise, but needs some work

Despite some thinly sketched characters and poor exploration of Belize, where the show is set, Mad Dogs sets up an intriguing show by moving at a quick pace and successfully portraying the frayed nature of the relationship amongst the group of friends at its core.

Terriers logo

Greatest TV Pilots: Terriers’ pilot quietly and confidently introduces its world

Terriers had a quietly unassuming first, and only, season. A PI series closer tonally to The Big Lebowski than The Big Sleep, this was a show far more interested in examining its characters and building its reality than demanding the world’s attention; perhaps it suffered for that- the show garnered terrible ratings and remains one of the more shockingly overlooked series of the past few years, rather than the television successor to Chinatown it deserved to become.

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