Silent Hill

‘Silent Hills’ concept trailer is the stuff of nightmares

With Metal Gear Solid’s Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro collaborating on a new Silent Hill reboot, simply titled Silent Hills, fans of the once great game franchise are in for something potentially very special. After making waves with the playable teaser a few weeks ago, del Toro introduced a terrifying new concept trailer for the game after he gave a brief history of the project and how he has always viewed Kojima as a very cinematic storyteller. The trailer takes the essence of the playable teaser and turns it into almost two minutes of nightmare fuel.

‘Silent Hill 2’ molds a clever and disturbing narrative

The first Silent Hill game introduced us to a very different version of the survival horror genre we had come to know. Before its release, it was only the jump scares and twitch action of the Resident Evil series that most players were really familiar with. Silent Hill would come to shake up that formula dramatically.

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