Six Feet Under

Greatest Series Finales: Six Feet Under’s “Everyone’s Waiting” is an emotional powerhouse of grief and loss

During its five seasons of television, Six Feet Under managed to craft a narrative that was evocative and emotional, heart-rending and humorous. Alan Ball’s funeral home drama was a show that had a very unique voice, one that spoke to the splintered facets of the heart and mind with equal weight and power. So when the time came for Six Feet Under to take its rightful place in the dirt and dust for good, it was with a finality that echoed into eternity.

Six Feet Under

Greatest TV Pilots: Six Feet Under

There’s a moment in the pilot episode of Six Feet Under which perfectly captures the tone of the show. On his way to pick up his son from the airport, Nathaniel Fisher ends a phone call to his wife Ruth by promising he’ll give up smoking. He stubs out his cigarette. Then he smiles a little private smile to himself and flips another smoke into his mouth. It’s only when he bends to light it, that the bus bearing down on him at the intersection is revealed.

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