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    Is the Boring Gateway Character Worth It?

    Jack Shephard was originally supposed to be played by Michael Keaton, and he was going to die in Lost’s pilot episode. After his death, the first to be killed by the smoke monster (that honor ended up going to the plane’s pilot, played by Greg Grunberg), Kate would take over as the leader and primary […] More

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    It’s Not TV: HBO, The Company That Changed Television: Fall and Rise

    Failure is inevitable. Success is elusive. Steven Spielberg As HBO’s CEO, Michael Fuchs, who’d come up through the company’s programming side, had spent 11 years working to transform the service from a movie channel with some pleasant original filler into a true programming platform. Ironically, Fuchs’ vision wouldn’t come to full fruit until after he’d […] More

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    Greatest TV Pilots: Six Feet Under

    There’s a moment in the pilot episode of Six Feet Under which perfectly captures the tone of the show. On his way to pick up his son from the airport, Nathaniel Fisher ends a phone call to his wife Ruth by promising he’ll give up smoking. He stubs out his cigarette. Then he smiles a little private smile to himself and flips another smoke into his mouth. It’s only when he bends to light it, that the bus bearing down on him at the intersection is revealed. More

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    American Horror Story, Ep. 1.06: “Piggy Piggy″ has you on edge

    American Horror Story Review, Season 1, Episode 6, “Piggy Piggy” Written by Jessica Sharzer Directed by Michael Uppendahl Airs Wednesdays at 10:00pm ET on FX As another solid episode, Piggy Piggy manages to progress the plot in a more traditional and serialized manner while also infusing a strong feeling of discomfort. This week follows each […] More

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    A Brief History of Title Design

    Put together to compete in the SXSW Title Design Competition, Ian Albinson has edited a large mix of some of the greatest film and television titles ever made. Slashfilm reports that the websites mission is: A compendium and leading web resource of film and television title design from around the world. We honor the artists […] More