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    ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #13 has a plot tangled in a web of its own making

    The penultimate chapter of “Spider-Verse” begins with the ragtag band of Spiders scattered and lost. However, having perhaps finally found a safe refuge from the Inheritors, they find a Spider-Totem tied to Peter’s personal history unlike any other. But can an army of Spider-Men fight back against the greatest enemy of all – a plot so wrapped up in itself it forgets it’s own potential? More

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    ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #12: We interrupt our regularly scheduled crossover…

    Picking up immediately after the big reveal of last issue, part 4 of “Spider-Verse” begins with Solus, the father and apparent leader of the Inheritors, kidnapping Mayday Parker’s baby brother Benjy, proclaiming him to be the “Scion” foretold in their prophecies. After the deaths of several Spider-People, and a very literal deus ex machina, our heroes manage to escape by the skin of their teeth. But all this running is useless unless they can come up with a plan to put the Inheritors to bed for good. More

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    San Diego Comic Con 2014: Top 5 Marvel Announcements

    After making some huge (and unfortunately controversial) announcements about Thor and Captain America before San Diego Comic Con, Marvel fleshed out future developments involving these characters and their titles. They also announced the first Star Wars comics since getting the license from Dark Horse. More details can be found in this article. A bulk of the announcements had […] More