Steve Wands

Danger lurks in ‘Descender’ #11

Descender #11 is a dramatic conclusion to yet another satisfying arc. It’s got gorgeous, complex characters, and plenty of ways to pull out your heartstrings. Recommend for fans of science fiction with heart.

‘Memetic’ Is A Traditional Apocalypse Story With Untraditional Twists

Even with its breakneck pace and mindbending ending, Memetic is an engaging read. While playing with some familiar tropes to genre, Tynion and Donovan’s modern spin and interesting characters make it one of the freshest apocalypse stories to come around in recent memory. Just don’t fall prey to that well-crafted sloth.

‘Batman’ #45: Next Man Up

At the end of Batman #45 Mr. Bloom literally crashes Geri Powers’ Batman party/news conference/gathering. Jim Gordon is to step down as the Batman and someone new is to step up. Batman is now not a single person but persons into perpetuity. This feeling of constant change is felt in this issue of Batman. Not only is that cowl supposed to change shoulders but Bruce Wayne wants to change the parts of Gotham that get destroyed the worst only to be rebuilt and cleaned last.

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