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    How ‘Super Metroid’ channeled ‘Aliens’ and became the first feminist video game

    In his not-quite seminal but still very good 1998 essay “F/X Porn,” David Foster Wallace dissects the lasting legacy of James Cameron’s mega-blockbuster Terminator 2: Judgment Day. (Well, more accurately, he examines the enduring stain left by Cameron’s film on the modern action movie, but whatever.) The essay doesn’t offer much in the way of […] More

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    The 100 Greatest Nintendo Games, Pt. 9

    First released in 1984, Duck Hunt is based on an electronic toy by Nintendo designers Gunpei Yokoi and Masayuki Uemura. The incorporation of the NES Zapper became a key selling point, as it incorporated the idea of an arcade shoot-’em-up into the home. The game only had one objective – shoot the ducks and avoid getting the smug, laughing dog at the end of each round. Duck Hunt had a concept that is easy to follow yet quickly repetitive, but due to its NES pack-in pairing with Super Mario Bros., it essentially provided players with the recreational escape from the frustration of the platform game. While Duck Hunt has More