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    Sketchy Episode 71 – ‘Man Of Steel’

    Akin to the episode where Richard and Ryan covered “The Dark Knight Rises,” this episode discusses “Man Of Steel,” the long-awaited Superman reboot. Kevin James joins Richard and Ryan to go through all the highs, lows and just plain weird moments of this summer blockbuster. And you’re right, it isn’t a cartoon, but considering Superman’s […] More

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    ‘Man of Steel’ renders the red-and-blue hero in dull grey

    Man of Steel Written by David S. Goyer Directed by Zack Snyder USA, 2013 Come back, Superman Returns; all is forgiven. Upon its release, Bryan Singer’s take on the most iconic comic-book hero of all time was rightly criticized for being poorly cast, too beholden to the Christopher Reeve era and prone to bouts of distracting […] More

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    Superman Unchained Takes Superman Back to Basics

    Superman Unchained #1 Writer: Scott Snyder Pencils: Jim Lee Ink: Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair Cover: Jim Lee, Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair Publisher: DC Comics This week undoubtedly marks one of the biggest weeks in the 75 year history of Superman. Not only is the character finally getting a movie worthy of his greatness, […] More

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    ‘Man of Steel’ is a bombastic pop epic that goes for broke, and often succeeds

    One of the better elements of Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Watchmen, and widely considered its best sequence, was that film’s opening credits montage, which forcefully played with pop culture iconography to impressive degrees. In a way, that sequence was an effective hint of what was to come with Snyder’s reboot of the Superman property; a cultural icon lavishly portrayed in a titanic fashion. More

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    Mondo’s ‘Man of Steel’ Posters

    Mondo’s is releasing limited prints for their Man of Steel posters by artists Martin Ansin and Ken Taylor. The Ansin posters will be available for 72 hours beginning this Thursday night at midnight and the two versions of the poster by Ken Taylor will go on sale Thursday, June 13th at a random time at […] More

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    Man of Steel Infographic

    In honor of Man of Steel’s release, Finances Online created his infographic looking back on Superman’s success – from the first release of Action Comics #1 in 1938, which sold for mere pennies compared to what it’s worth today, to the box office succes of Superman Returns. Enjoy! Courtesy of: More

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    Sketchy Episode 70 – ‘Superman: The Animated Series’

    This week is the long-awaited show on “Superman: The Animated Series.” Kicking off the Superman month, Ryan, Kevin and Richard discuss their four favorite episodes from the series including other great episodes. They also discuss an update on Kevin’s project “The Creed” and Ryan’s upcoming project “Where Is The Sun?” Enjoy! [powerpress] Listen in iTunes […] More

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    Sketchy Episode 68 – ‘Hmmm Richard’s Basement’

    Sketchy comes to you this week from Richard’s basement. Richard goes solo this week to bring you the audio equivalent of what it’s like to be inside his head. He reviews Daft Punk’s new “Random Access Memories,” speculates on “Man of Steel” coming out this summer and talks about his upcoming Comic Con adventure where […] More

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    Watch the amazing, and final trailer for ‘Man of Steel’

    Credit to those who were hired to market The Man of Steel. The marketing has been incredible thus far, and if you think they couldn’t possibly top the last trailer, you are wrong. Warner Bros. has released the final trailer for Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Superman film, and it is simply amazing. The latest trailer is […] More

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