Fantasia 2015: ‘Tangerine’ may just be the most important film of 2015

Tangerine not only stars transgender folk in transgender roles, but the film isn’t only about transgender issues, a refreshing change from all the movies mentioned above. Tangerine is really a film about sex workers, that just so happens to follow a pair of MTF characters in and around West Hollywood. Tangerine has no interest in depicting these transgender characters as martyrs or victims – but rather as real people with real problems. They are complicated, fascinating, deeply flawed, vulnerable, insecure, selfish and outrageously funny.

Sundance 2015: ‘Tangerine’ is the type of film that Sundance was created for

Tangerine is the type of film that Sundance was created for: It is bold, it is something that Hollywood would never make, it is a film liberated from formal limitations and it gives definition to the thrown-around term “independent”. Sean Baker’s latest film revolves around Sin-Dee (Kiki Katina Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Mya Taylor), who embark on a crazed search to find Sin-Dee’s pimp Chester (James Ransone) on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles after Sin-Dee learns that Chester has been cheating on her.

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