Teen Titans

‘Teen Titans’ #8: The Kids Are Socially Alright

This issue of (All-New) Teen Titans picks up immediately after the team saves New York from being blown to smithereens by a terrorist group with ties to S.T.A.R Labs. New 52 Manchester Black keeps up appearances as the guy you can’t nail down in terms of what his motivations are but, he does look to be helping the Titans out to some capacity.

‘Teen Titans’ #2 delivers

It is becoming difficult to categorically criticize DC Comics. It seems recently that DC has had quite a bit of difficulty pushing out new titles, or bringing together new creative teams without them almost immediately becoming groan-worthy. It was almost easy to write off the company as a whole. However, Pfeifer and Rocafort seem to have found a winning strategy in Teen Titans. The second issue of the series is just as fun and entertaining as the first, pushing away all doubts about the series.

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