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    Greatest TV Pilots: NBC’s Saturday Night aka Saturday Night Live aka SNL

    Possibly (and very arguably) the most influential television show of all time, Saturday Night Live (SNL for short) is American comedy (albeit with a bit of Canadian help) exemplified: irreverent, absurdist, made for short attention spans, and continually being both panned and lauded by critics. Whether you still lock your door in fear of Land Shark, turned the show off in 1980 and never looked back, or are in need more cowbell, you know the magic that is SNL. More

  • NYPD Blue cast photo, season 2

    The Televerse #93- NYPD Blue with Ellen Gray

    There’s a bit more TV to discuss this week on the podcast, with a few premieres, some event television, and catch-ups on recent series. First we look at the usual comedies, plus a check in with Save Me, then some reality, including this week’s Tony Awards, and finally our standard dramas, as well as the […] More

  • Doctor Who Podcast

    Doctor Who Podcast Episode 48: Series Seven Review, Part 2

    We’re winding down our star studded farewell tour of Series Seven of Doctor Who. Who knew that Whovians would have such strong feelings about their favourite show’s finale? Fear not dear listener, for this podcast is much bigger on the inside and just might be able to contain some outrageous opinions. This week the gang is […] More

  • Bored to Death

    The Televerse #90- Bored to Death with Scott Meslow

    It’s finalepalooza this week on the podcast, with the network TV season coming to a close. First we take a look at the comedic finales, as well as the pilot for The Goodwin Games, then we move on to genre, talk Game of Thrones, a slue of finales, and Orphan Black, then continue with reality, […] More

  • nightmare-in-silver-pics-promo-5

    Doctor Who Podcast Episode 46: ‘Nightmare in Silver’

      After his first and much beloved 2011 episode, “The Doctor’s Wife”, writer Neil Gaiman’s return to Doctor Who has been much anticipated. Inspired by challenge from Steven Moffat himself to make the Cybermen “scary again”, his latest opus titled “Nightmare in Silver” faced nearly impossible expectations amongst Whovians. So, did “Silver” shine? This week […] More

  • Patrick McGoohan as The Prisoner

    The Televerse #89- The Prisoner with Zack Handlen

    The premieres and finales continue this week, giving us plenty of TV to discuss on the podcast. First we look at the comedies, then break down the genre offerings, then Kate looks at The Voice for our reality segment, and then we look at the prestige dramas before spotlighting the latest episode of Hannibal, “Sorbet”. […] More

  • Doctor Who Podcast

    Doctor Who Podcast Episode 45: ‘The Crimson Horror’

    Perhaps the only way one can truly go home is if you never really leave.  Just ask Mark Gatiss; a true Who veteran and devoted fan and who’s been writing for Doctor Who in one format or another for over two decades.  The currentSherlock co-producer scribe and has been a regular contributor to the show since its return in 2005 and is […] More


    Doctor Who Podcast Episode 43: ‘Hide’

    Writer Neil Cross’s first outing two weeks ago “The Rings of Akhaten” has proven to be a truly divisive episode amongst Whovians, so the question on everyone’s mind was what the newly minted Who scribe had in store for us as he took us all on a Haunted House ride. The gang is joined this […] More

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