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15 Best Horror Films of 2013 (Top 5)

Special Mention: Post Tenebras Lux Written and directed by Carlos Reygadas Mexico, 2012 Mexican director Carlos Reygadas (Japón, Silent Light) seems inches away from producing his masterpiece. His latest, Post Tenebras Lux (the title is a Latin phrase meaning “after darkness, light”), opens with two of the most unforgettable, ominous images in recent memory. The first is a …

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TADFF 2013 Day 3: ‘Stalled’ and ‘The Battery’

Being trapped in a room full of zombies should be a bit more harrowing than the UK horror comedy Stalled would suggest. In the film, a hapless maintenance worker/janitor (Dan Palmer) gets trapped in the women’s lavatory during a company Christmas party. Things are exacerbated further when a slew of zombies start invading the loo, at which point the janitor realizes a woman named Heather (Antonia Bernath) is trapped with him a few stalls down.

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