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  • Spiderman: Turned off the audience

    We’ve been following developments on Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, as the show has drawn nearer (see TV Spot for Spider-Man : Turn Off the Dark and New Info and Images from ‘Spider-Man’ the Musical), and opening day has finally come. Last night, 60 Minutes did a piece on the Broadway adaptation of Spider-Man. […] More

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    “Epic Mickey” Video Game Debut

    Just in time for the Christmas shopping season, here comes one of the newest Wii games, greatly anticipated by many, Epic Mickey. Video game veteran, Warren Spector has been unknowingly preparing for the creation of this Mickey-centric video game his entire life. An article in the Austin American Statesman, describes how a life-long obsession with […] More

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    “Tangled” to be Disney’s Last Fairy Tale?

    When I was in Los Angeles a few months ago, publicity for Disney’s Tangled was everywhere. The oversized posters plastered against sides of buildings consisted of nothing but swirling, blond hair with two faces peeking out.  I thought it was some sequel to Shrek that I didn’t care about. I was just as annoyed with […] More

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    “The Goonies” Pegged for a Musical

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), hopes of there ever being a sequel to the beloved 80’s cult classic, The Goonies, were all but quashed at an event held for the film’s 25th anniversary DVD and Blu-ray release (see coverage from Collider). Members of the cast admitted that they were getting old, that if it were going to […] More