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    Best Horror Films / Thrillers of 2011

    Filmmakers have continued to push boundaries and find new innovative ways to elicit the emotions of fear, disgust and horror from viewers. Since Alfred Hitchcock directors strived to provoke viewer’s nightmares, hidden fears, revulsions and terror of the unknown. Although a good deal of it is about the supernatural, others have focused more on a […] More

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    Toronto After Dark Film Festival Announces Final Wave

    The official announcement for the last wave of films screening at this year’s After Dark Film Festival was made last tonight on Canada’s SPACE Channel. Making the list is the new film by Jason Trost titled Vs. about, “four Super Heroes who find themselves abducted by their Arch Nemesis and are forced to compete in […] More

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    Best Of Canadian Genre Film 2011

    The line up for the Fantasia Film Festival had so many great films this year, that we are still playing catch-up, even a month after the festival has ended. On this episode of Sordid Cinema, Simon, Rick and Justine sit down and discuss three of the best Canadian genre films of the year, starting with […] More